Monday, June 18, 2007

I Won't Lie... parents raised me on fast food and eating out. Mom worked days, Dad worked both days and nights, so on nights in Mom usually fired up something in the oven (she's a meatload and french toast woman, but that's about it), and when Dad would get off in the evening, it would be 7-8pm and we'd go eat.

So, leave it to no surprise that even know, with Pink and Little Blue in tow...I get kinda burnt out of eating out. Just a simple dinner at home at the dinner table, makes Blue a happy blue.

But this post here on Whittle down your to do list with a not to do list made me think about when we do decide to go out and eat...we have to make a "not there" list.

Tonight was a good example. Pink in her low-carb diet is a big fan of Ruby Tuesday's because they've got some good charred mammal flesh. But, I started the "not here" list by saying no RT.

Then...afterwards, we bought some mammal flesh to char at home the rest of the week.

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