Monday, June 18, 2007

Feel Sorry for Pink...Now

In college, I rearranged my dorm room every 2 weeks or so. It was easy, tile floors or slick and I could nearly push everything around.

No doubt, all last week when I was at home, she was probably wishing she came home to a house that wasn't a vast mess of change. I've been known to rearrange living rooms, reconfigure computer rooms, rearrange kitchen stuff.

It's just a part of my nature. Not only does my brain NEVER SHUT UP, but it also looks at things and tries to figure out a better way to do things. When I was over at the unclutterer and read this post about Using what you already own, as I suspected, my brain started churning about some of the stuff Pink and I keep hidden that we rarely use. Thankfully, we've gotten smarter over the years, but as the post gave an example, silk flowers would make a nice "green" addition to the house without having the cat yak up the flowers all over the house, or worse yet, try to drink the water or toss dirt all over the house.

Now, granted, most furniture moving adventures do require a consultation with Pink, but small stuff I can get away with...usually. :P

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