Sunday, March 18, 2007

Pamphlet 2.0

Since Little Blue 1.0 went gold a little over three years ago, Pink and I began developing a new operating system for Pamphlet 2.0. It's difficult to collaborate over the winter months due to each of us having some sort of illness or another, plus my sleep apnea didn't help much.

Pink and I had been taking tests to confirm the validity of our software, not once, not twice, but since we had them, we checked three times. As we all know, something you buy off the shelf isn't as firm as talking to a specialist. We consulted Dr. Mitchell the Wise, and he confirmed that the tests were giving the correct readings and the software I helped install was well into 4 weeks of development.

Little Blue came with us to the appointment and he's exited that Pamphlet 2.0 is coming along and asks at leasts 10 times an hour "Is it done yet?" or "Where's the baby?"

He's all for giving Pamphlet 2.0 his old room, and even helped bring up the sanitation station. I was in the basement taking down a box from our room and figured I'd be bringing it up in 9 months or so, so why not now?

We're trying to figure out a good place to go to celebrate, but right now? We're snuggling up with Little Blue and Kipper.


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