Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I Hate Talking on the Phone

So, what's the worst thing you can do? Rear end my car.

Happened Monday, at 7am at 119th and Ridgeview. Little Blue and I were heading to Daycare when a gentleman bumped into us at about 5-10mph. Enough to give us a good jolt, and enough to turn Big Blue into Big Red.

I didn't even bother to look behind me to see what had happened, I knew. I did a quick check of my person and knew I was okay, then turn and looked at Little Blue. I must have had a "don't fuck with me look" on because when I asked him if he was okay, he just said a quick "Yes Daddy. What happened?!"

"Some *remember Blue, keep it G-rated* person hit us with their car. We were in an accident. Does your head or neck hurt?" I put the car in park, the emergency break on, and put the emergency flashers on.

*Little Blue moves his head around* "No Daddy."

I start taking my seatbelt off. "I need you to stay here buckled in okay? I'm going to go talk to this guy." I took my seatbelt off in a flash and was out of the car, marching up to the other car.

The guy knew he fucked up. I could tell, and it didn't help the guy was built like me but about six inches smaller and wasn't out of his car yet. By the time I got to his hood, I could see he had a daughter at around 2 years of age. I looked again at the guys face, took a deep breath and followed through with facilitation training.

*Blue points, palm out to the driver* Are you okay?

Guy nods yes.

*Blue points, palm out to the passenger* Is she okay?

Guy nods yes. I calm down. Guy suggests we pull up out of traffic and start exchanging information. I tell him to hold tight till I write down his plate number before we go anywhere. I pull out my hipsterPDA, jot the plate, then agree to pull up the way.

"Buddy, we're going to go up the way here and I'm going to need to talk to the guy who hit us and I need you to stay buckled up in the car while we talk, Okay?"

"Can I play with hungry hippos?"

"Sounds good man."

We get out, formally introduce ourselves, and have a fatherly chuckle. Turns out his daughter dropped her sippy cup, he reached down to grab it while pushing on the brake, and rolled further than he intended and hit us. I was fired up, but I knew I could make the same mistake, so I chilled quite a bit.

I called the cops while he did some hunting for insurance cards for his company vehicle. I called Pink because I knew she was only 10-15 minutes behind us and I would have caught hell if I didn't tell her I got hit and she pulled up to the scene.

Police showed up, told us because damage was most likely under $1000, it was a civil matter and the law didn't require him to fill a report. Myself being the one who got hit, was just happy with an event number that confirmed the officer was there. We exchanged information, the guy was on his way, and Little Blue and I sat in the car for another 30 minutes making phone calls.

Insurance Company
The company's 800 number
Daycare provider

After that, I headed back home, knowing I'd be on my cell phone most of the day, so I grabbed my cell phone charger and a package of graham crackers.

Little Blue was ecstatic that he got some graham crackers. We munched on some on the way to daycare, and I snagged a couple for a quick breakfast. Talked to my daycare provider for about 10 minute because at this point, I wasn't in a hurry to go anywhere.

Came in to work, noticed my neck was tightening up, so I schedule an appointment for that afternoon. Couple more phone calls from insurance company. Pink even got one from our insurance agent to make sure everyone was okay.

I gabbed at Edh and we decided to do lunch and she had to pick up her new classes, so it was Chipotle and then we'd drive our separate ways. I get there first...then chuckle when she doesn't arrive in 2 minutes. Then she calls.

"Um...Blue...I got distracted, is the Chipotle at Metcalf?"

I chuckle. "There is one on Metcalf, but your eye doctor is on College." (we use the same doc...one of my more nicer 'Your new to JCL I'll be nice' moments before the tormenting of Edh began)

We take a moment to laugh at her, and I call Pink to tell her what I'm up too.

We ate lunch, and I head to the doc, and cough up the automobile insurance card to be in addition to the usual documentation.

While I'm waiting to be called, the car insurance company calls and gets a little more information while I was there.

Then I call the body shop while I'm waiting. I drop the car off any time before 5:15 to have it inspected.

After the appointment, I came home to relax for an hour before picking up Little Blue.

Then Little Blue and I head to the body shop to get an estimate. We meet Pink there because I assumed we'd be leaving the car. They're booked, so we drive home and head out to the highlight of my day...

Celebrating Little Blue's 5 days straight of dry underwear in the morning at Chuck E. Cheese. 5 days of pure happiness in the morning. 5 days of not changing sheets in the morning, and a culmination of 4 nights in a row playing outside at a park or at the great mall.

First wreck where I was a reponsible party (been in one where I was a passenger). I hate talking on phones. Blech. Gimme more Chuck E. Cheese please.


Degolar said...

No fun.

erindowney said...

When do I get to NOT be new? After year 5?