Saturday, December 16, 2006

Fun Filled Day of shopping

Plus, killer typing...literally.

For the second straight day, Little Blue was a trooper out at the stores. Even when Pink and I had a serious talk about always holding hands in the mall, he only gave a little bit of fuss about playing near the merry-go-round. As a parent in an all day shopping escapade, you can't ask for much better.

His reward? 30 minutes of Sprout and playing with the neighbor Larry while Pink and I finished putting up some lights in the car port. :) It looks nice, and low cost LED lights look good. We've got a strand of red we're going to put up somewhere in the house, haven't quite decided yet.

A little bit more shopping tomorrow, but not much. Gotta go downtown to "see the big buildings" as LB likes to call it. Won't be doing that till after lunch, gotta go do a bagel and newspaper run in the morning.

Just finished watching "Team America" and I have to admit, both Pink and I were chuckled dumbstruck for the most of it. However...*looks down at the floor*

I cracked. When they demonstrated the help signal and the puppet when into a spazmatic freenzy, I had a giggle fit like no man should have a giggle fit. And I couldn't stop for 10 minutes. Then I'd think about it 2 minutes after that and laugh again. Then Pink reminded me of the end. Then the special features...

I probably lost 100 calories giggling and going into laugh seizures.

Leave it to big blue to deliver some deadpan jokes and get the most gullible *cough cough Pink Edh cough cough* to believe them...but I break down at a spazmatic puppet.

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