Friday, December 15, 2006

Dating Online

Aye, was a wee bit of a time ago, but then, Blue was known as Drizzt_of_Exile. Drizzt taken from R.A. Salvatore's novels, most notably Homeland. Exile taken from the second book in the Dark Elf series, but more importantly, from Davinci's Exile, a room created by a mutual aquantance of Pink (who was then Chipgirl).

In Excite's Virtual Places, there was a room called Davinci's Notebook, where you'd think you'd get away from the "a/s/l everyone" or the "where da ladies at" comments, so our acquaintance who had a server for her business made Davinci's Exile. It was a room that Drizzt_of_Exile and Chipgirl met, went through several online tirades, but eventually settled down. :)

On my off nights, when I just wanted to be surrounded with virtual friends and watch the banter that was going on, I'd borrow some of my namesake's powers and "levitate" into a tree and wiggle my toes in the breeze. (see, serious introvert, even in college...and I still am!) So, after a time, I got my own tree.

*laughs* I could keep up with a chatroom and 7 private conversations back in the day. I doubt I could do that now.

Virtual Places was a pretty sweet chat software. You had an avatar that represented you (about 40x60 pixels if I remember right), you could "link" with your snuggle buddy or friend to show on screen that you were hooked up, private chat with anyone in the system, and make any webpage a chat room. You could even create a magic carpet of sorts and bring people on a tour so the whole group could co-browse with you.

So, in these web 2.0 moments, don't be surprised to see me chuckle. I've Viop'd, co-browsed, collaborated online via a shared white board, and read web logs nearly a decade ago. Hell, one year down at Pitt, I nearly ran a floor over IM.

But as Edh, mmBop, and I were talking a couple days ago, Pink and I could possibly write a book on online dating, but we'd be dated. Granted, there's more ways to showcase your "goods" these days, but not too much have changed.

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