Friday, October 27, 2006

The Power of Blue

And we're not talking Selson Blue.

Pink brought home some most delicious Sutera's from Shawnee. Pepperoni and Italian Sausage, LPIS if we're talking in pizza talk. Little Blue and I were charged to restock the Diet Coke coffers, and we did so in 3 twelve pack fashion.

Little Blue had a Lunchable left from last Saturday, so he was munching on crackers and ham when I got up to refill my Diet Black Cherry Vanilla Coke. I grabbed a hot can from the fridge and sat back down with my cup of ice, not even asking if Pink wanted a drink.

"Well?" she says.

"The pizza is good, I like old Chicago better, but this is a great change." I crack my Coke and pour it into my cup.

"So, where's mine?"

"The coke?"

"Uh...yeah" she said in a flat-your-a-prick-for-not-asking-if-I-wanted-one attitude.

"Well, since it's hot, I knew you didn't want to drink it. But, I also knew you don't like your coke on ice if it's hot because it gets watered down and flat."

"Oh." I could tell she was thinking about it for a minute.

"Was I right?"

Pink grinned and nodded.

And that, my friends is power. Or really knowing your life partner so well it's crazy freaky. :) There ARE times when overthinking does come in handy.


scott said...

nicely done ;)

Leelu said...

You're a good boy. Have a cookie. :D