Sunday, August 20, 2006

A good weekend

Friday Little Blue and I made a pit stop at Deals to pick up some goodies. We reward him with several stickers every time he goes overnight without going in his underwear, so we had to restock our supply. We snagged some Spider-Man, Winnie the Pooh, and Robsapian stickers (as well as some jolly ranchers, blo-pops, bubblicious gum, moon pie, and zebra cakes).

*shrugs shoulders* What can I say, I'm a sucker for a dollar store.

Afterwards we headed home for a good long nap while I busted up some Qui-gon Jinn action n Lego Star Wars.

After a rough day at work, the Pamphlet trio headed to Kauffman stadium. To our surprise we got to watch the first game of a double header when we arrived. And, with it being buck night we enjoyed our hot dogs and peanuts at cheap cheap price. :) It sprinkled off and on throughout the game, but with a early morning birthday party looming, we called the game short in the 5th inning. Game was a good one up till then though, very defensive with a lot of infield snags and diving plays. Fun to watch.

Saturday morning we took in one of LB's playmates B-day part back at the Deanna Rose Children's farmstead. With 80's slowly sneaking more and more into the highs, we'll have to go back on our own and have a picknic and ride hayride and maybe do some mining or some fishing. :) LB had a blast, just as he did last month. I think he's a little afraid of goat drool, but he likes petting the horses and cruising on the hay ride.

That evening, we had some company from my college buddy X-Spider and his wife Nuzbunney. I fired up the grill and Pink slapped some pineapple brautwurst (and I nearly charred while I was on supervisor duty) and we all sat down at the table for some vittles.

Afterwards we let LB stay up late with the Land Before Time and Pink and I got introduced to Star Munchkin. It's an RPG card game that pokes a TON of fun at sci fi and fantasy movies. It's all about trying to reach level ten, and in the beginning you can team up together to fight monsters, but by the end of the game your trying to help the monsters defeat the higher level characters so you can win the game. Pink and I might head out and pick it up this afternoon when she gets back from helping a co-worker configure their outlook with their ISP.

It's been a nice weekend at the Pamphlet stable, can't compain much. Watching the Nextel Cup race, turned in my fantasy picks, and a whole bunch of relaxing.

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