Thursday, April 06, 2006

TV sucks when you have a toddler

I gave Pink a hard time about it Wednesday night, but it's true.

News. Can't watch it. 5pm or 6pm. Bodies covered up, words like murder and rape I have no desire to explain to Little Blue yet (though, he does know what dead and kill means thanks to some cartoons..."Daddy, he going to kill dem robotses."). *sigh* And, since I'm not a big fan of making time for TV unless the show has a good story, I don't bother to watch the 9 or 10pm. Thanks for da internets.

G4TV. Can't watch, even video game reviews. Even if the show is decent, some the commercials aren't. So...*poof*

Daily Show and the Colbert Report...nada there. Pink likes to catch the previous night shows during their rerun time at 7pm...and while it's 80%'s hard to explain to Little Blue that the Governer of California took a mask off of his head, tossed it to a security guard, the mask talked, then exploded. Bummer too, I like them both.

NCIS...Abby may be hot...but Abby is gone. Little Bub crashes between 7 and 8pm now that we let him stay up later, and I dare not let him see someone get shot through the forehead (Sorry, Kate).

Television looks totally different when you've got the eyes of a toddler with you. It's not that I want to protect him from the world, it's that I want to pick my battles about how he comes into them. I remember watching rated R movies when I was probably 7 or 8...Dad was open for questions and answered them. When I asked if people died in movies, he took a hammer and smashed a ketchup packet in an old white shirt. When there was too much skin, I remember Mom trying to cover my eyes (and seriously, with the net now, he'll find it innocently enough).

We do watch Monster Trucks and racing because I'm almost 100% sure that the drivers will walk away from most accidents, and I be sure to point out that everyone has to wear their seatbelt before driving. After all, he is my spotter.

Discovery channel is okay when talking about stereotypical boy equipment, buildings, airplanes (non military). Food Network is a favorite of Pinks, but Little Blue struggles with keeping interest.

Radio...*waves Johnny Dare and The Buzz Bye Bye* NPR works, but occassionally they'll be talking to someone about life experiences and it can get kinda graphic, so I catch it between the library and picking up/dropping off Little Blue. We either talk or listen to Dog Train.

TV, for the most part now sucks. But that's good.

The weather is getting nicer, clearer, and Jonathan has a taste for playing outside.

"I got my ball Daddy. You can come share with me. Can we go outside?"

The lazy part of me wants to say "no."

But, I tap my stomache, remember the extra baggage I'm carrying around, sigh, and go change my shoes.

TV might suck, by my son kicks ass. More than he'll ever know.

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erindowney said...

Holy crap, the governator tossed his head to a security guard and... uh... no, wait, that was a movie, right?

Reality IS becoming fictionalized...