Wednesday, March 01, 2006

What is love?

Love is trying to bribe your wife to inviting some friends over, but letting her talk you out of it because your computer nerd brain will more of an asset for most of the day as opposed to relaxing and having a good time.

So, alas, because love means data entry in excel...and exploring nerdy ways of providing automated assistance, I'll be thinking of more computer nerd related things this weekend. Might do some transposing, CountAing, Conditional Formatting, V or H lookups, etc. Good times. :)

So, you've been warned...the Pamphlets will be scheduling a little get together to share our Birthday season (we're 2.5 weeks apart). No gifts, just some food and some good times. Might do it over a sci-fi Friday or see if I can plan a Labowski event better than Cap'n Barbossa. :P (Secretly, Blue wants to see how well he can chuck a ball down the one lane woodtop now that he can easily carry 30+ pound Little Blue for hours when necessary)

On a professional note, David King from KCPL was in the hizzouse doing a KCMLIN Web 2.0/Blog, Wiki, and Emerging Trends workshop. High attendance, but he didn't figure in much playing time, so while the information was presented, the opportunity for interaction was minimal. Still, they ranked him high on evaluation, and commenting to ask for more "play" time and less technical mumbo jumbo.

I'm looking forward to the classes Equinimity and I will be doing for our staff.

Which reminds me, she thought of a brilliant idea regarding wiki...setting it for the home page and adding all the links I'd ever need there. Links to the Intranet are IP checked, so it's not like I'll be able to get the intranet from home, but the ability to organize and set the links up in a more organized fashion than delicious is nerdily pleasing to me.

Finally finished boosting cars...working for a government agent now.

Enough bouncing all over the place. Enough I say! *poof*


The Pink Pamphlet said...

You weren't bribing me, you were bamboozling me! Bribing would implied you offered me something in return for the desired result. :p Anyway maybe we can do something next weekend when I've gotten more work done. With your help, of course. ;)

Kelly Sime said...

Are you saying that if I log in to my work e-mail from home, it's being recorded. So someone could check on that. Sheesh. Big Sister all the way!