Monday, March 06, 2006

Weekend Reflections

Behold! Rambling!

My son enjoys Tilapia, and says it pretty well too.

I can walk 7 laps around the Great Mall in under 40 minutes. That's what I get for showing up 40 minutes before the mall opens. I also go 40 minutes of exericse for 10 minutes of shopping, in which I bought nothing. Go me.

Speed/Power walkers walk slow. They also look funny at you when you lap them.

The arcade at the mall opens early.

Stereotypical rednecks visit the arcade early to play shooting games.

I am not the stereotypical redneck. Plus, I only make a fool of myself on DDR when friends are around. Admit it, a quasi-dancing/bouncing Blue is funny. :)

My co-worker has stated that there must be a Purple Pamphlet, because these fans were disappointed when Brokeback Mountan didn't win.

We're now up to 4 known Pamphlets, Blue, Pink, Toddler (they exist, my son has told me, but we forget about it when we turn grown up), and Purple.

I can leave and run errands 5 times in one day and be okay with it. (Breakfast, shopping, lunch, car/Target, Target/Ice Cream).

Carmax has specific rules on what cars can be used for loaner vehicles.

Because my female parental unit schedules car appointments and arranges loaner vehicles, I was able to choose the vehicle I wanted within said rules.

Ford Explorer is a nice vehicle to drive. More expensive than the Malibu though.

My son loves soccer.

I wanted to play outside with Little Blue, but Little Blue started a cough, so we hesitated.

Little Blue is covering his mouth when he coughs. Woot!

Disposing of the body of a police officer and his motorcycle in less than 8 minutes is more difficult than it sounds. Even when you own a Quarry, bulldozer, dump truck, dirt bike, and a crane.(GTA:SA)

Little Blue and I never tire of the Incredibles.

The Incredibles helped move a recliner and bookcase by keeping Little Blue occupied.

Little Blue likes riding in recliner while Big Blue moves it.

Pink loves Bambi II and Lady and the Tramp.

Pink loves to nap.

Pink makes excellent Tilapia.

Pink is jealous of the loaner Ford Explorer.

Pink is impressed that the Incredibles move furniture.

Pink loves Morrowind.

Pink is cute when she figures out she's trying to complete a quest that happens much later in the game.

I haven't cheated on GTA:SA yet, though the walkthrough helps.

There's the difference between being able to doing something because you can than doing it because you want too.

We don't have a data server on the network...but if we need one, we've got one. :)

Computers can be frustrating.

I wonder if Pink would kill me if we hooked up the data server in the living room and fired it up with the TV card to record shows off of. Then we send the data so the good machine for burning/archiving.

I'm too sick of computer repair to bother with it for months.

Little Blue loves basketball.

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