Monday, January 09, 2006

Mr. Mom's Weekend

It actually partially started Thursday night when Pink started to get a wee bit emotional about being away from her boy for nearly 2 days. I kept, but rational, she kept it snuggleable; either Little Blue and I both go and stay over night, or I go alone and and come back the same night. Little Blue would need a good decent sleep on the trip back, because napping wasn't going to happen with all the excitement going around, and he's not at the age yet where he can sleep comfortable in his 5 point's seat. Almost looks painful how much his head leans over.

So, Saturday morning, we drove seperate to McD's for breakfast, and Pink made her goodbye loveable but sweet, and she knew here eyes were going to leak, so we had a quick embrace and Little Blue and I hit the road for El Dorado, KS.

We arrived right at Noon, and as I expected, everyone was just now starting to roll around and wake up. Found out my cousin who's 16 already has me by 3 inches, putting him 1 inch taller than my wife! Darn kids. Little Blue did his duty and giggled enough to for everyone to wake up and get out of bed. We all sat, had some Sonic, relaxed, and played with some toys and out in the 70 degree weather. I honestly think it was the first time LB played outside, he's been too little before without Pink and I freaking out about it, and he had a blast. Kicking balls around, a super huge golf club, and chased the weenie dog (appropriatly named Weenie) all around the yard. Awesome to watch, and fun to play kick back with my boy. :)

Around 4 we got ready for the wedding, LB and I both donning khaki pants and Blue polo's. (A note for Dad-to-bes, be prepped to buy new dress shirts as your little one's grow. They may be chitlin's, but mine's a 32 pound forearms and shoulders have broadened out so that both my dress shirts only go halfway up my forearm now). So, with the twins in town, there was no mistaking who belonged to who (didn't help I had a diaper bag/backpack either).

Wedding was wonderful, quick and easy, though it was more than Little Blue and I who partook in his animal crackers. My bro, couple uncles, and PaPa Carleton of course. :) LB had a TON of fun at the reception, danced with a couple girls, including grandma...snuck a kiss or two I think, and was more than happy to hug when he and another tot crashed into each other. He almost interrupted the first dance...but my "quick like ninja" skillz caught him about 15 feet away from the dancing couple.

Afterwards, we headed back to crash. LB donned his dinasaur PJ's and headed to bed after shaking hands and kissing Aunt Becky.

Afterwards the poker cards came out, playing for nickels, max raise was a time. I put two bucks in, and came in ahead enough to pay for the turnpike toll on the way back, so I was happy. I crashed earlier than the rest though, might have stayed later, but I knew LB would wake up around 7-8pm.

Sunday was more relaxing and hanging with family. I knew Pink was anxious to get back, and as awesome as it was to sleep in the same room as my son overnight, I was anxious to get back into a warm bed with the Mrs. So, being the tech geek I am...and knowing I'd stay till the last minute, I set the alarm on my cell phone, and when it went off, LB and I made our goodbye rounds. My female parental unit did her usual "wait, you can stay and eat yadda yadda" but I put my foot down and said LB and I had to go.

Made it back right on time, enjoyed some Texas roadhouse with Pink, relaxed for an hour or two...and just relaxed.

The one thing I learned this weekend, its tough being a single parent. Usually the worst thing I have to worry about is if LB pees on me when going potty, but I was constantly checking up on him...corralling him at the reception, he always wanted to play, had to hold onto him for 20+ minutes in the reception line, had to repeat the same stories over and over again (family...when you don't see them that often, you have to spill the life story). It's almost like your on guard the whole time, wondering what was going to happen. As soon as LB went to bed at home and I snuggled up with Pink, my whole body finally said, "Aiight, we can destress." I've been back for an entire day and my biceps are still sore.

So all seriousness...even though I didn't know it, I was aching for you...literally all weekend. That, and single beds suck when your 6 feet tall...I almost had to put my feet between the rails at the end o' the bed.

And for the Office space know you're going to have a case of the Monday's when your toddler pees on you after your dressed, AND you had just pulled the pants out of the dryer not 2 minute before. Pink, thanks for the help this morning. :)

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Kelly Sime said...

Blue--I love your stories. This is true parenting :)