Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Dishwashers Suck

And google has done little to help me. Our current dishwasher is on the fritz of course, either something regurgitating food chunks all over the place, or the spayer isn't doing it job.

I do some search on google at the brary and several quick searches that the food trapped may be clogged. I email Pink the good news and tell her I can probably fix it.

During NCIS AND House, I'm googling to find more information about food traps in Kenmore dishwashers. I've came to the following conclusions:
  • The dishwasher is literally older than I am. I couldn't find a PDF manual online, and any board posts I found, model numbers were in the 600+...not the lowly 363 I had.
  • Apparently no one likes to take pictures of the inside of their dishwashers...they all say "clean" or "remove" the food trap, but don't say how.
  • Part lists for repair don't include a food trap, so my model may not have one.
  • Dishes suck.
There are two bolts that may be holding the trap in place, but seeing how I don't want to hear a huge "kachunk" as a motor or pump falls away from the dishwasher, causing me to seriously practice my four letter vocabulary, I don't want to make the problem worse.

So, we're going to use some tips and tricks regarding the dishwasher and see what we can come up with. With a little luck, things will fix themselves. If not, and I get permission from Queen Pink, I'll do some exploritory surgery and see what we can come up with.


scott said...

The good doctor, doing exploratory surgery. Perfect! Before you sterilize your instruments, you might check out "Dishwasher Repair", by Douglas Emley. The good library has forseen your trouble and already purchased a copy.

Kelly Sime said...

Could the reason for your trouble be that you don't wash your dishes before you put them in the dishwasher? (Don't hurt me.) I'm just asking because I think you mentioned it in an earlier blog post about houesework. Scott, I guess you're right. We should be rinsing them before they go in the DW. Bummer. I hate admitting that he's right :(