Friday, December 30, 2005

For the Luddites

The previous post, with computer nerd jargon removed:

Blue: There is a piece of paper with tax information regarding the house at home, we need to save it for the tax man.
Pink: Hmmm. I’ll have to have a look at it.
B: Yup, that's what I said 3 weeks ago when it arrived in the mail.
P: I don't remember that at all. My memory went down the toilet with the rest of my flu yesterday.
B: You'll remember it when you see it. I'll find it at home tonight.
P: Want to find anything else tonight? *note, this comment was edited for my health. I assumed my wife would use her Brown Belt in Tai-Kwan-Do skillz to show me how far I can fly, even at my current weight. So, for domestic sake, I "cleaned" it up, so to speak.
B: I have a feeling the document is on the Piano, bookshelf , mantle , or least likely, the desk. Document is tri-folded and has either letter head with the City of Olathe on it, or has the City of Olathe Seal. No envelope.
P: No no! Your supposed to find me!
B: Finding you will do me no good. Your memory is shot, and the only way to revive it pertaining to the document is to show it too you.
P: *pout* You don’t want to find me, and you said I don't have any memory *end pout*
B: *sighs* Read the whole sentence dear. Finding you will do me no good as it pertains to the document because I already know where you are. By only using part of the phrase, we now have to have the stereotypical argument of assumptions because you assume I don't want to find you. Because you only used a part of the sentence to derive your own conclusions, you pout, making me pay attention to you so you'll stop pouting. However, since I do want to find you, (duh, home life would be boring without you), the pouting shouldn't even happen because if you used the whole sentence, I was talking specifically about the document.
P: LOL. You got me on that one!
B: *wins*

And as a hot tip for Luddites, the EyeTeeTenTea=ID10T. :p

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Kelly Sime said...

Wow! I get it now...