Friday, October 07, 2005

The Tiny Tots!

Friday was a good work day, but one of those "lets to a million small things" days where you stress over the details and you feel wore out at the end of the day. While those days are far a few between, it's nice to know I'm the official Little Blue Chariot and Little Blue always perks me up when I pick him up from daycare.

Part of Big Blue is showing up in Little Blue though. This week, I think it was Tuesday, LB didn't have a good day. One of his buddies (a year older) at daycare tackled him...smacked him...took his toy...and tripped him (at least, I think that was that order). There's only so much a guy can take in one day, so like his old man, when enough is enough...beware the wrath of a patient man. LB decided enough was enough and brought out the teeth and got a good bite in. Daycare berated him for it, but not nearly as much as would be expected if he did it out of the blue.

Heading to the Ren Fest with the Mrs. on Sunday, though it'll be rough because the Nextel Cup boys are here in town this weekend. Still, it'll be good slapping the garb on and seeing some friends that travel around w/ the show. Probably won't buy much, unless I find something that catches my fancy.

I have a feeling my purchasing day might be Saturday. Gonna take off for a second to see if I can find a head shot of LB I can do for a cross stitch pattern. :) I figure a month and a half will give me some time to get it done for my Female Parental Unit so she'll have it for Christmas. :)

We'll see, definitly going to try to sneak a trip to the mall to let LB run around and play. Besides, they have dippin dots!

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