Saturday, October 15, 2005

Little Blue Day!

Despite having a headache during the morning, the day was awesome. Started up with the usual Little Blue opening his bedroom door and asking for Pink and I. Course most weekend mornings start off like this, but it's still perfet. We all sat down an enjoyed our cereal in the morning, then took in PBS' new station Sprout...24/7 learning goodness for tiny tots. P and LB were snuggled up on the couch while I folded up the weeks "we're all too lazy to fold and put away, so we'll wash and pull what we need" laundry. If you don't do this at home, I reccomend it. :) If your single, I'd bet you never need to put away your laundry.

I got it folded up, then retired for an hour or two to kill the headache I had. Didn't work much, but P and LB came up to try and snuggle it away, but eventually LB headed into his room for a nap and P went down to have some computer fun goodness. 45 minutes later, headache was still there, so I pulled out the magic pills. Still I was pretty groggy, so P did her brattiest (which, I admit, is pretty good, I taught her well) to get me out of bed.

We got bub out of bed, got all our acts together and headed out to see Winnie the Pooh Live downtown at Municipal auditorium. LB had an awesome time, but for the first 10 minutes or so, he didn't know what to make of it. Rabbit came out, and he just sat in my lap in awe...then five minutes later, "Hi Wabbit! Hi! Hi! Hi Wabbit!" Awsome. Pure awesome. I must be a sap, but there were several times when LB and other kids were all cheering that I got a little tickle in my eye.

It was Pooh's Birthday, so Piglet was responsible for keeping Pooh busy so the rest of the buds could get the party ready. Of course Tigger ruind 2 cakes, bounced around, Rabbit worried to much, and Piglet wasn't 100 percent confident in himself, and Kanga, Roo, and Owl were all in for the ride. Coolest part was when they were talking about how they liked snow. Kids got up, made wind noise, blew their arm 'branches' back and forth, then they let some soap bubbles in very small pieces come floating down like snowflakes. LB got a kick out of it. For not being 2 yet, he didn't get into too much of the getting up and dancing, but was more laid back and watched what was going on. Give him a year and we'll see.

Afterwards, he was still full of energy and we headed to the mall to let some more of his energy to wane. In the end, the day was all Mr. Mini Man. So wore out, there wasn't much baging, thumping, or asking for Pink or Blue out his bedroom door.

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