Friday, September 23, 2005

Monte Maniac Maddness

Yup, Testosterone reigned supreme last weekend, and thankfully Pink suffered through it without any scars. :)

Started Thursday evening. Pink wanted to work late to get some things done, and our buddies softball game was rained out, so Little Blue and I headed to the airport to meet a fell Monte Carlo SS maniac that was coming to town to pay a visit. As Little Blue and I walked into the airport, we met Draxx, a buddy who helped me troubleshoot my turn signal a little over a year before. We all shared quick introductions and we waiting for MonteManiac to debark from the plane. We gabbed back and forth, the biggest being that Draxx was amazed I was even there. I told him it was either come to the airport and show Little Blue some airplanes and buses or be at home cleaning up.

Maniac finnally made it off the plan and we all gabbed on the way back to the cars. Made some preliminary plans for the next day and called a night. "Daddieeeee, I wanna drive a n ayeplain!"

I worked half a day Friday, then met up w/ the Maniac and gave him a quick tour of the town. Draxx drove him by Kansas Speedway, so after running some errands, we headed through downtown, then swung out by the stadiums. Stopped by the store on the way home to buy some flowers and chocolate for pink, then played video games till Draxx arrvied and brushed up after work.

We headed to dinner with a fellow Monte Carlo addict, 85ss280h and family, and watched him tear up KCIR (local 1/4 mile drag strip) with a near 14.00 time. Sunday we watched the Nextel Cup race at Louden while the Maniac made a batch of 8-hour spaghetti. (and for the record, 20 minutes is too long to wait for spaghetti. Draxx made and appearance for dinner and we sat down and had a grand ol' dinner. Afterwards, we let Maniac be Draxx's problem and sent them on their way.

Funny thing is, we all got together because we love Monte Carlo SS's, but I had to park mine due to gas/repair costs, Draxx is in a court battle over a poor transmission, and Maniac flew and they don't allow cars in carry on, and 85ss280h could only drive his for a couple weeks before his insurance lapsed (Pink had to tell me how to spell that one, thanks babe!), so as addicts, we almost didn't have any to drive! :)

I knew it was going to be a little stressful for Pink, but she admitted when all was said and done it went better that she thought it would.

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