Saturday, July 09, 2005

Ready to pull a load

Pulled another couple tasks out of the blue pamphlet. Thank goodness for the internet, else I would have no clue of what I was going to be getting into.

Trailer hitch on the van was installed pretty quickly, probably 20 minutes at the most. Only trouble is you needed to "fish" the bolts through the frame, which was an experience. Thankfully my male parental unit was free and was able to help me bench press the hitch in place.

The wiring was a pain in the ass. Pass through installation. Unplug the brake light, plug in something that fits between the bulb and the electic source (so the same signal that gets sent to the brake lights also gets sent to the trailer lights). Sounds easy, but running one wire from the front of the car to the opposite back corner, tucking long long wires from view to make it look professional AND I couldn't find a radio to help the time goes by.

So, in the end, the manual prevailed. All guys know anything you see on instructon sheets are "theory" and you really don't get a sense of what needs to be done until your 30 minutes into it.

Bonus note: Baby wipes are an excellent way to clean grease, grime, and dirt. Might have to keep a pack in the trunk. I may have to consult Pink to see if there's an expiration date on those.

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