Tuesday, July 31, 2007

It's Official

Blue's career is transitioning to Professional Stay At Home Dad this fall, much to distaste of some people "freaking out" about it at work.

Pink and I ran the numbers months ago, and with the issue of twin to twin transfusion safely behind us, I let my supervisor know last week, and my oh my how fast the grapevine moves.

We've slowly been prepping for the arrival of the little one's and supplies we'll need to keep ourselves sane. Little Blue and I cleaned up one of two cribs we're getting. I chuckled once we were ready to put it together, knowing how well Pink and I get along when it comes to anything mechanical, "C'mon Pink, let's go upstairs and argue on how to put this together."

We figured it out in about an hour, and Little Blue and I finished putting it together the next morning. We've also got two car seats and two pop up play pens.

We're both expecting Pink to go on bed rest, and with our two story townhome, I'll be converting our bedroom into a mini-living so Pink doesn't have to go up and down the stairs as little as possible, both pre and post birth.

And I think she's looking forward to be waited on hand and foot. :) I know I would be.

*laughs* Who knew I had my own wikipedia article. You may now call me The XO!

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edh said...

you did see that their next annual convention will be in KC this November, right?!?!?