Sunday, July 22, 2007

And I Quote... (no spoilers)

"That's Bullshit!" *evil Blue Pamphlet chuckle*

At t-minute 30 minutes to Harry Potter, I get dressed and prepped for a possibility of waiting/driving for several hours to go get Harry.

I told Pink I'd stake out Hy-Vee right up the street, then head to a 24 hour pharmacy, then possibly Wal-Mart.

Hy-Vee was as far as I needed to go.

At 11:40pm, there was no sign of a line. I grabbed a cart and looked for signs of Harry, but didn't see any. I picked up some pancake mix, more South Beach Cinnamon Raisin breakfast bars for Pink, and a bar of deodorant. I headed up to the line, and noticed 2 things out of the ordinary.

1) There were a lot of teens, and teens with parents.

2) A nerdy looking guy with the periodic table of the elements on his shirt.

I knew I'd won.

At 11:55, everyone started to funnel at 3 registers, and I got in line. A manager noticed I had cart with me, "Sir, this is the Harry Potter line."

"Yup, had to grab some other items while I was here. My son wanted some pancakes in the morning before an entire day of watching movies while my wife and I read."

The manager laughed and prepped to be swamped.

Turns out, Hy-Vee only bought 90 copies, and my guess is there was about 20 of us there.

At midnight, the registers rebooted, and I had a copy at 12:03.

I called Edh as she must have been texting me, and told her I was going home to go to bed so I can read fresh first thing in the morning. She called as I was prepping my CPAP, so I gloated.

She said Cap'n Shoreline had said, "That's bullshit!" I could imagine how hot he was.

Pink and I talked a bit before going to bed. She suggested that I pick up a second copy in the morning when I headed back to the store for eggs (I dare not wait in line with something that needed to be refrigerated).

Little Blue woke me up at 6:30, so I got dressed and we headed to the store. They had about 10 copies left, so I picked up a second one. *evil laugh*

Made pancakes and sausages for he and I, Pink some cheesy scrambled eggs, then Little Blue watched 3 movies that morning while we read. I think he watched the Polar Express, Blue Man Group, and a DVD full of Merrie Melodies called Make My Music.

Pink and I shouted page numbers throughout the day to see where we were. Due to my prepping breakfast and lunch, she had a 100 page lead most of the day.

We also attended Niece Pamplhet's 1st birthday party and had dinner with family from out of town.

Pink finished at 1am, I stayed up till 2:30 with 50 pages left and finished it this morning at 9:30am.

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edh said...

And don't you feel totally satisfied in every way?!?! When I finished at noon on Saturday, I felt both great and awful... my eyes looked like crap, I'm sure, from lack of sleep and "outpourings of emotions."