Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A Proud Evil Moment

Kill people with kindness. :)

As I've been gabbing about the past couple weeks, I stick to the speed limit wherever I'm going. One of my usual routes in on Antioch, and I find for the most part, people do obey the 35mph limit.

But, the people that don't...I like to play a little game with them. If they're in front of me, it's too late to play, but if they're behind me...and there's a car next to me that's doing roughly the same speed (35-37ish), I'll keep Speed Racer behind me and quietly relish in their frustration.

If they flip me off, I get bonus points. :)

Anyway, one Speed Racer was REALLY flipping lanes back and forth cruising down the street this morning. If he was on a motorcycle, I wouldn't have been surprised if he squeezed between us. Bluetooth in the ear and all sorts of hand gestures. As a grandpa driver, I've got time to smell the roses AND make note of where the cops like to hide.

Once we came up to the speed trap where I'd hope the cop was hiding, and as luck would have it, the car I was pacing with signaled to make a left hand turn. As they slowed down to make the turn, I changed lanes and pulled in front of the pacer. Sure enough, Speed Racer barreled down Antioch at I'm guessing 50mph.

Right in front of the cop.

Speed Racer got caught, no doubt cussing me out for obeying the speed limit.

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scott said...

LOL, awesome.