Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Rising Early...

...and how some of it is a load of crap, from Zen Habits.

Zen habits is a good blog to help with some motivational aspects of life, or to find a nice little hack to make your day a little smoother. I've started waking up at 5am, so I'll see how I stack up.

1. Greet the day. My purpose for rising at 5am is to peddle for 30 minutes before jumping in the shower and starting my day, so I'm not so much into greeting right now. It is nice to wake up to a quiet house though. Pink's still sleeping, Little Blue hasn't started his morning singing to rock himself awake, so it is nice.

2. Amazing start. It's not amazing yet, but it's getting there. Quick breakfast, peddle to whatever I can find on TV...then really waking up in the shower.

3. Quietude. Yes!

4. Sunrise. I liked this more when I walked to class in college and HS. Now, I don't notice it so much. Sunrise is a little more peaceful.

5. Breakfast. Usually cereal, so it's nothing fancy. I usually scarf down a bowl before hopping on the peddles.

6. Exercise. Woot!

7. Productivity. I find this to be true more so on the weekends because I usually rise before everyone else, so I either get a little extra quiet time, PS2 time, or quelsh the "Blue...XYZ needs to get done" voice in my head.

8. Goal time. Um...exercise...hello!

9. Commute. I had this one licked already. I come in around 7am, so I don't have to fuss much. Besides, it's only 15 minutes.

10. Appointments. This is just a general up on time or take a hit on the slacker meeter.

Not too bad if you ask me. I don't do it to be at peace with myself, but more to sneak some extra time in for exercising when I don't want to do it it while Pink or Little Blue is watching TV.

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