Monday, April 30, 2007

A Good Weekend

Friday was a half day, so I dashed home after work and took care of some god awful funk coming from the kitchen drain. I picked up a fresh lemon on the way in, quartered it, and ran it through the disposal...lemon fresh scent. mmmm

After some relaxing, I dashed over to pick up Little Blue from daycare early. I thought he might want to come home and watch the Blue Man Group or head out and go to the park. Nope...he wanted to come home and nap. Go figure.

Pink and I took in Sci Fi Friday a little later than usual because I promised Little Blue a bath before bed, so we watched StarGate Atlantis at it's usual time, goofed off during Painkiller Jane (don't like the show), then watched Stargate SG-1.

Saturday I woke up bright and early and donated some blood. Little Blue woke up with me and helped me eat a hearty breakfast and plenty of water. Afterwards, I came home, and after about an hour, slept good and well. We did lunch at Zio's, saved $20 at the grocery store and wolfed down some homemade tacos for dinner. I love Jamaican Pineapple Salsa.

Sunday was relaxing all the way around. Lazy in the morning, watched nearly all of the Nascar race at Talledega, and headed out to buy Little Blue some new shoes and Pink some new shades.

Nice and relaxing, but, like what BoN I were talking about this afternoon...the weekend is never long enough. About mid-day Sunday you start to ask yourself "Am I sure this isn't Saturday?"

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