Thursday, February 15, 2007

My Limbs Get Cut Off Saturday Night!

Not really, but the CPAP/Darth Vader machine will be making its arrival. Insurance pays for 100% of it, so I go in for a 45 minute appointment, try on some masks to see which is more comfortable, learn how to take care of the machine, and walk out with it.

I called Pink to tell her the good news and she was excited. She'll have her Nano playlist ready so she can try to successfully counter attack Lord Vader's breathing machine next to her.

With a little luck though, it'll be a newer model and pretty quiet. I saw the going price for the CPAP machines was between 200-4oo bucks, so we'll see. I'll take some pictures of the machine to show off.

We're both excited about it though. I've been getting 5 hours or less sleep each night, excluding middle of the night Little Blue interruptions. Sleep is going to be GOOD! :)

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