Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Tonight was a great night

Somehow figuring your going to be working over 23 hours in the next 2 days can do that to you. Especially when you HAVE to come in late to make sure you can cover something on Friday.

But, tonight, it was great. I ran an errand for Pink, picked up Little Blue, dropped the errand off with Pink so she could take care of the final leg, then LB and I headed home to "start the fire."

We grill out most nights, the townhome is on the end so we've got a huge amount of shade even though the yard is small. Before we headed out we did our potty routine and I hauled his basketball goal up from the basement to take outside. LB is getting to be a tall boy and I didn't want his basketball to start slamming into the ceiling if I raised the goal.

We headed out and in the usual LB fashion, he supervised while I got the grill going. Then, we moved the basketball goal to the side of the house, far enough away from the grill for safety and shot some baskets and played catch till Pink came home. Poor LB's head was sweat-wet, so we we all relaxed as Pink charred some hamburgers for us. Pink gave us the five minute warning so we picked everything up, Pink brought the burgers in and feasted. I enjoyed watching the crab-catching show on Discovery while LB played with some dinosaurs, then we cuddled up to watch Angelna Ballerina and Kipper before calling it a night.

Then, in dork fashion, I edit the boot.ini file so I'd stop having 3 OSs to choose from every time I booted this machine. :)

Now, some entertaining reads. :)

The Kinsey of Clicking --applicable to Pink and I, as we met online. *awwwww* We do a little mish mosh of activities listed here in the article and in the original blog comments. We usually read in pair, goof off on the web in pair, or she's playing on the web while I'm playing on the PS2. Tonight, she's catching up on some childhood favorites while I'm goofing off. :)

Techie Fight Clubs Springing Up --Tyler Durden lives. :) The first rule about Library Fight Club is you DO NOT talk about Library Fight Club. Cripes, I was too nice to play football, no way in hades I'd willingly walk into a ring...unless we're talking online games. I'll jump on Distant Shorline's pineapple any day of the week! (mind out of the gutter people, we're not talking french ticklers here, we're talking grenades)

From the I wish I'd thought of this file, guy makes a million selling ads on the web, gets a DOS attack, then uses his quick wit to get a cure.

I'm going to kick your butt in...Paper Rock Scissors 2.0?

Windows is finally finished updating, so I think I'm going to go visit Narnia for a chapter. Off to the Dawn Treader!

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veggienerd said...

Mmmmm, grilling! I tried the pineapple on the grill last week and it turned out FANTASTIC! :) Thanks for the great tip!