Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Full House and a Man-Purse

Took in the Poker Walk with the rest of the exercising crew...sad to say all I can remember of it is Challange KC. Sorry veggie :(

Little Blue was in tow, and we walked with Veggie, Sharon, and Linda, all CE crew (well, except for Little Blue). There were five stops along the way, each gave you a card and an opportunity to gain another card by doing a fun activity.

Little Blue road on my shoulders most of the time, which is the longest by far, but he kept us entertained by his cute wittisisms (and if that isn't a word Pink, :P).

"Hey bubba, we in the forest?"

"Yeah! A dinosaur forest!"

"Oh no!" Sharon says.

"Dat's Okay, I'll protect you."

"oh good!"

"Just let me know if you sees em."

LB and I ended up with a full house, 5's over Jacks. Enough to earn us a man-purse. (aka, hip pouch with a couple nifty compartments. Might do good as a cell phone and digital camera holder, we'll have to wait and see.

Afterwards we played in the park while the rest of the crew did at least another lap (we think Linda did 4). Got some pictures of LB running around in mini-town and playing on the playground equipment.

And folks. Antioch park has decent air conditioned bathrooms. Woot!

It's the small things people, roll with me here.

It was a lot of fun, but as I'm typing this I can feel my back get a little sore. But, as always with LB, it's worth it.

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