Wednesday, May 17, 2006

And on the eighth day, there was fondue

Ever since the melting pot, Pink's been eager to melt some cheese on the dining room table, and twice this week, she's done just that.

And an excellent job at it too!

She picked up a mid-range fondue pot at Target, had in a box, waiting for the right moment. On the way back from Branson we stopped by Oceola Cheese and picked up a couple hunks. Monday night was Cheddar (most excellent, though a tad gritty, we'll have to iron it out), and tonight it was Swiss. Swiss was perfect according to the instructions, but Pink and I figured out we really don't care for the white wine in it. But, I've never been much of a Swiss Cheese guy, and this was pretty good.

*eyes the box of Hershey's chocolate bars we bought for smores on the grill*

Yes...oh yes... :)

It's real quick to make too. Takes more time to cut up the vittles than it does to melt the cheese. We grated it by hand (well, I did it tonight because I'm more used to constant repetitive motion playing the drums all the time, where Pink on Monday night had to change positions 12 times to keep herself comfortable), but on larger occasions we can fire up the food processor and have it shredded in no time.

Little Blue had his fill too, though we spoon his cheese onto his vittles and we let them cool before he can chomp them up.

Though, I admit, Pink's cupidic face is damn cute when she's in cheesy bliss.


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scott said...

While you were at Osceola Cheese, did you stop by the Iconium General Store for delicious peach floats? Yum-o.