Sunday, May 28, 2006

After 40 Hours

It's been a good one.

Friday, Little Blue and I woke up with Pink and make sure she got out the door on time to work. Course, Pink loved the extra 30 or so extra minutes she got in the morning to sleep in because I didn't need to be up at the butt crack of dawn to shower and get Little Blue to do his duty.

After she was off, Little Blue and I headed to Burger King to pick up some crowns and cini-minis. After a good heathy dose of a half order of French Toast sticks, LB headed into the play area and I watched him work himself out. Poor guy can't get up using typical means of the alternating leveled platforms, but he can crawl his way upwards the spiral slide to get to the top. Genius!

Afterwards we headed to Wal-Mart to get the only thing I seem to get there LB did pretty good running up and down the isle (no other customers in the isle, thank goodness), while I tried on about 5 pairs of shoes. Still, in fatherhood, the same rules apply:
  • I won't spend over 20 bucks for something that's going to stink 2 weeks later, but I'll keep for over 5 months.
  • I get ticked off when I get a size 9 shoe for my nearly 300 lb, 6 foot tall frame. Makes me feel like the Empire State building on peg legs.
  • Apparently guys who wear dress/causal work shoes have a lot lower top of the foot...or mine is the Mount Everest of feet. Normally I get my dress/work shoes larger for more comfort...but I couldn't even get my peg legs into a 10.5 shoe. So, I gave up.
The Pamphlet men made a pit stop back at home, then headed to the library. We spent about an hour playing around, and I did some Power EP searching in the catalog to snag about 12 books on pirates, race cars, boats, planes, bath time, and trucks. *does the Tim Allen Home Improvement laugh* We waved buh bye to Camera Gal and headed off to lunch. Grandpa Blue wasn't at home (or wasn't awake yet), so we headed to Pizza Street because I was craving dessert pizza and what little boy says no to pizza?

I'll admit though, I didn't enjoy it too much. Every time I had a to grab a slice for LB or I, I couldn't see him at the table because his head didn't reach over the like Mother Hen, I'd grab one piece and rush back to the table. Need a drink...I actually timed it so I'd be there and back ASAP. One of my more stresseful parenting episodes in a while, but we survived. I make this parenting thing sound easy, but when you can see your child for 30 seconds to a minute in a very busy place, stress level skyrockets.

After we were full and just before the after lunch sleepies hit, we headed to the grocery store to pick up some fixin's for a grill-out Distant Shorline style. Sticking to my "Pink didn't tell me so" style of shopping, I got the no name brand goodies and saved 2 bucks...even after having to go pick up an additional 20oz of Pinapple chunks because I either left one at the store or it rolled out of the cart on my way out.

Afterwards, LB and I headed home. By this time it was a little before 2pm, and he crashed until after 4pm when Pink got home from work. I spend that time burning rubber on Toca Race Driver 3 on the PS2.

Once LB got the sleepies out of his eyes, we headed to Ruby Tuesdays for dinner, Pink eating a most excellent looking burger, LB chowing down on some Mac n' Cheese, and myself feasting on rabbit food. *is pissed off Ruby's closed next to Oak Park Mall, where else can I get an all I can feed my face of rabbit food/salad bar goodness?!*

It was a good Friday, couldn't complain...except for the shoes. Shoes suck.

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Kelly Sime said...

your pineapple dish was yumminess!

too bad you had to go back to the store that happened to me last week, only butter and garlic :(