Monday, February 06, 2006


If Like You Care can do it, so can I. :)

The first nickname I can remember is "Buddy" as in "Little Buddy" or "Hey bud." It was the name my parental units (mostly Dad I think), used to get my or my brother's attention. Works pretty well because I use the same Nickname for Little Blue.

In grade school, it was my first name followed by Pissy. :) I'd wager Degolar probably went through the same treatment. Grade school must have been the time of the rhyme. I was as introverted then as I am now, so it didn't phase me much.

My favorite (other than the one's Pink calls me, and no one is getting those!) had to be in High School. I had a shirt that showed a bearded man pointing his arm over the sea...which was just a cool shirt to me...but the people in school took it to mean it was Moses. So, alas, Moses was my name. Didn't help I had the long hair either. :) It got used most often in gym, where some of the jocks were amazed I could out kick, out throw, and out run most of them. Pissed off the school bully because I out ran him to score a touchdown. :) He tripped me a couple plays later, but I came up laughing because I knew why. Some other notable would be Chewbacca (long hair) and "long haired hippy." As well, but Moses was more popular.

In college, it went by my last name most of the time. A lot peeps with my first name floating around, and I had a group of friends who all had nicknames, and even when we didn't use them, I still has the first name of a hall-mate. Other names of the group were Lost Soul, Chumpy, X-Spider, Nuzzbunny, The Tick, G-spot, and Brotha Z.

Little Blue calls me Kickapher, so you could add that one too.

Ah, and Distant Shorline now calles me Doctor. So, as such, Tricia is also Doctor.

Online, you might be able to hunt me down as DaoDrizzt, I use it on message boards and chat rooms. Combo of the Daoist philosophies I keep close and Drizzt Do'Urden. :)