Wednesday, January 18, 2006

My man Dilbert

I love the man, probably part of my Office Space intellect. Which reminds me...I wonder if we're getting "The Office" on DVD at the library? Anyhoo, here's a gem from my man:

Other Department Head: Can your department do this for us?
Pointy Haired Boss: No problem.
ODH: Really? It's outside of your normal scope of work and I know your overloaded.
PHB: We're a flexible, client-driven organization.


Asok: Wally, how can I avoid projects that are outside my scope of responsibility?
Wally: Cheerfully accept the assignments and then never work on them. It bolsters your claims of being overloaded while leaving you free for work that matters.
Asok: Work matters?
Wally: Well, not to us.


PHB, after discussing another out of scope project: I'm not even sure what they want?
Asok: Ill start ignoring it immediately!

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