Sunday, December 25, 2005

Season's Greetings

All went well in the Pamphlet household this holiday, save for Little Blue being up from 7am to 8pm without a nap. The boy was a trooper, but he was almost too tired to fall asleep.

We got back from celebrating Christmas from G'ma Davis' around 11:15. Both Pink and Little Blue had crashed after five minutes in the car, but to Pink's credit, she was fading in and out. We came home, crashed...and set the alarm for 3am.

Pink prepped the bird while I was errand boy for all the cooking tools needed to cook a 21 pound turkey, and while she was getting turkified, I was doing some cleaning, then realized we hadn't put together Little Blue's carboard building blocks. Thanks to Cali Grandma and Grandpa for those! I practice my oragami skillz, Pink helped me with half of them, then we built a wall that covered up the presents so Little Blue would have to demolish it to get to the presents.

We crashed soon after and woke up a couple hours later, never to sleep again till after I post this message. We got Mr. Man up, fed, and then settled into celbrating the holiday.

Pink Can Correct me, but this is what I remember each of us getting
Little Blue
  • Building Blocks
  • Remote control car
  • Pit-Stop car (push the tires, you hear air gun sounds)
  • TONS of books from grandparents, aunt and uncle
  • Mini soccar goal to keep him enterained indoors throughout the winter months
  • Finding Nemo indoor tent
  • Matchbox race cars
  • MORE books!
  • Thomas the Tank engine push in go
  • And more, I'm sure
  • Miniature Lord of the Rings Fellowship set
  • Silly Putty
  • Label Maker
  • "Literature"
  • Small glow in the dark puzzel
  • Card, window cling, and temporary fairie tattoos from Enchanted Gifts at the Great Mall
  • 2 rings and a jewelry box
  • A pen with a mini scrabble game imbedded in it
  • 1:18 Scale 85 Monte Carlo SS, white, burgandy interior, black t-tops. *drools*
  • An awesome and colorful "The Full Monte Carlo" T-shirt
  • 20 inch TV (for the PS2 in the basement)
  • New DVD player (for the big TV in the living room)
We all scored well and didn't go over our budget in purchasing gifts. Not only that it was cool watching LB tear through the paper. :)

Ate entirely too much, had plenty of excellent company, and an awesome 'Eve dinner and holiday dinner.

Pink, I'll be looking forward to turkey sandwitches for many days. :)

As my favorite gift to give my Testosteron Dominant and Expecting counterpairs, two of my college buds and my bro got a copy of the The Baby Owner's Manual, a must read for the guy who loves to skip the instructions when taking care of ANYTHING around the house.

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