Tuesday, December 13, 2005

I may not be hungry, but I can always eat!

And usual Blue and Pink stops for lunch or meals out.
  • Fieldhouse - 87th and Farley - Good burgers, sandwiches and Cobb salad.
  • Thai Place - 119th and Quivera or 87th and Grant, same food at both places, but according to Pink, 119th has more flair.
  • Taco Bell - what can I say, I've got a flair for the cheap
  • McDs - fruit salad and parfait for me, please. (and cheap)
  • Miles Coyote Cantina - Noland Road and 40 highway in Independence. Best Mexican and votes most likely to not upset my acid reflux. Bummer it's across town.
  • Machine Shed Sunday breakfast Buffett - 119th and I-35 - good stuff, and Little Blue and I love to share our intake of cantelope, honey dew, and watermelon.
  • IHOP - 63rd and Antioch or 119th and I-35 - Some people drown their sorrows with alcohol or drugs...if I'm drowning anything it's pancakes with 5 different types of syrups on the table.
And, the general qualifying mark of a meal gone happy for Blue...self service drink dispensor. Ask Pink, I swear I can drink a gallon of a beverage while consuming a meal (hence, diet drinks, ice tear, or water please). I prefer self service because the wait staff is usually pretty slow compaired to my tasy beverage consumption rate.

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scott said...

Is this the 'Blue Gift Card Wish List' post? hehe.