Thursday, November 17, 2005

Mozillia and extentions

I gotta say, I love em.

I love the tabbed browsing so I don't have windows all over the place, Google notifier in the status bar, Adblock to block banner ads/images on a whim, Sage to take care of my blog/rss/atom feeds.

Toss in adaware, spybot, and AVG virus scan, they all keep my "old school, been dropped to much at a construction site/was going to be thrown away/wife was nice enough to salvage, had to fix the power button the case is cracked wireless mouse and internet connected" laptop running.

It's a 700 with a 4 meg video card and don't care how much ram because beyond the few games it'll run, it doesn't even come close to maxing out.

Now, to fix the three or so boxes downstairs..ugg...I hate computer repair...

It's the small things, and those small things are more important than the big, because the big just don't come around that often, ya know?

1 comment:

scott said...

i love firefox! not too fond of thunderbird's poor email filtering 'rules' though.